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It comes in all forms


It comes in all forms

Silence and control


Nasty words







Knowing when the anger is coming, being in control of the anger is the best format. But it takes practice and skill, to control anger as an emotion.

Knowing what triggers you is the first step.

Knowing what is going to push your buttons and make you angry, create your anger.

I hate being told what to do. Being controlled by another.

This applies to all aspects of my life, not just relationships, work life too.

Knowing the build up to anger is also good.

I feel hot in chest, my throat tightens. I feel pain in my throat - tears come or anger/nasty words.

It's taken a long time to realise this and to walk away to take a breath if needs be.

A long time.

Words said in anger aren't always the clearest and make the best sense.

I've also learnt to say sorry and also forgive myself when I haven't had such control, as I am human after all.

Anger, it comes in all forms.

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