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When does anxiety turn in to depression?

Anxiety, what does it actually mean? It must be different to every single individual.

Mine would be, not sleeping well or not been able to fall asleep due to mind racing.

I suffered a lot towards the end of my teaching career. Heart beating fast, tearful, paranoid. Worried as to how my words were perceived. Paranoid. Comfort ate. Ate fast. Ate unhealthy. Angry/cross. Had a nervous sentence ending, can't even remember what it was now but caught myself a few times - ending sentences with this word. As if I didn't quite believe what I'd said or should I say 'believed in' my own words. Anxious in case the person I was conversing with would think bad of me or challenge me or even perhaps I didn't believe in what I'd said?

So, when does anxiety turn in to depression? When the dark thoughts come along? The thoughts of worthlessness? The thoughts of 'there's no pint'? When is the lined crossed? When your thoughts aren't just your thoughts but change how you live your life? Is that the cross over?

But what if you manage it all?

What then?

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