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My daughter is sixteen today!

16 years ago I gave birth to my firstborn.

16 years ago! How did that happen, the time has flown by!?

16 years of joy, tears, fears, woes, happiness, sheer proudness, anger, frustration, love, overwhelming love, love that fills you to the brim. Makes you want to keep them in bubble wrap and not let them out in to the world. Due to fear of others around her and the possibilities of numerous different things that could harm her.

But what's they saying if you love them, set them free. Any my I love her dearly and want her to go and be free and have the best adventures and the best time ever. To make mistakes and take risks. Risks and learn how life could be better or more interesting if done in a different way!

16 - my daughter is 16!

We had a gathering.

It was more for me than for her to be honest.

I wanted to celebrate my/our achievements.

Achieving a wonderful young women - ready to fight the world - head on!

Address all that is thrown at her with positivity and love.

To go forth and enjoy her life no matter what!

Happy Birthday Moo! x

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