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Do you as a white person challenge when someone is being racist?

I am a white woman, born in Bonn, Germany. Raised/educated in the U.K. All holidays spent back in the #fatherland.

George Floyd. Let's never forget his name. He was murdered by an American police officer during an arrest for an allegedly using a counterfeit note.

Murdered, four officers knelt on him, held him down. One on his throat. The story is now know throughout the modern world.

As a white woman in the U.K I feel pain for his family, his child, his friends and for George - as he asked for help and stated he couldn't breathe.

Do you as a white person challenge friends/family members/colleagues/clients when they are been racist? Can you put your hand on your heart and honestly say you challenge their words/behaviour? Challenge them so they can question themselves and what they've said?

I know I do, as all lives matter; no matter of race, religion, sexual preference. I know I'm not afraid to challenge racist slurs or sly comments made by anyone, in front of me. I will openly pay the consequences for it with pride.

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