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To Learn. To change. To stand together. To Listen. To love.

Today social media platforms will use a black square to show solidarity towards the murder of George Floyd and the protests that are happening all over the world.

The news/tabloids/papers and some social media platforms such as Facebook are NOT reporting on the protests. Or what is really happening on the streets of America or else where in the world. Twitter and instagram are showing what is happening in real time, filmed by real people.

So much so that they don't want people not taking part in the protests or amongst actually what is happening to use #blacklivesmatter - as then it will be clogged up with black squares.

It's all very well, me, Stef Bricklebank a white 44 year old woman living in York putting a black square on her social media - But does it do any good? Well, it makes friends/colleagues/clients question when they see that black square - why is it there? Hopefully they will then research why. It represents to me that I am against racism and in my tiny way I stand with all those protesting.

I try and will keep trying to better myself and understand racism.

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