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Boris Johnson

What must he think?

We wake up to the nation, the world laughing at Boris Johnson.

Boris did his speech last night at 7PM. It was a bumbling affair, which gave no clarity or certainity to a nation of people who need a staright talking answer from their leader.

Watching in anticipation of hope, hope to the end of lockdown. Hope to the beginning of a new dawn.

But no it was met with a bumbling man. Now the nation, its people are angry and are taking the piss. Piss out of the leader of this country; memes and gifs are been made of this man. Celebrities are coming forward with excellent comical copies of this man. The best yet is Matt Lucas.

What must he think? Was it a detailed thought up plan? To look like a bumbling idiot? Conspiracy theorists would say he is doing it on purpose to then blame the people of england for the death toll in months to come, as we didn't stay at home.

I don't know what to believe, other than I wouldn't want to be Boris Johnson right now. He is either hated, ridiculed or laughed at by his own country and the neighbouring countries.

How does he sleep?

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