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Is there a second wave coming?

Today we should have flown to Germany.

It's the second time we've postponed a flight to Germany.

The media says there's a second wave happening in Europe? What the truth is, God only knows! Boris he's put a quaratine of fourteen days on anyone returning from Spain or surrounding Islands.

We were scared he may do this to Germany too. We can't take the risk. Ian starts a new job on Tuesday, day after we return.

I'm sick of this, I'm sure loads of people are.

I wanted to see my family and visit a dear memebr of our family. A family member who has been part of my life, my whole life. It was important that I see her. Important for me.

We've postponed till October half term, hopefully I will see veryone then.

Going to Germany is like driving to London to see your family, just I have to fly to Germany to see half of mine. It's not a holiday. It's about spending time with family. It's about sitting with them, eating with them, chatting face to face (not a video call). Having a hug, a giggle. Spending quality time with the ones you love and care about. It's not flying to Spain to lie on the beach (although I'd love to do that too).

It's about LOVE

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