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A chapter comes to an end

As a chapter comes to an end, it brings mixed emotions. Many different emotions: sadness, happiness, joy, elation and fear.

FEAR is a great emotion, powerful emotion. One that can override all the others. One so powerful it can stop you seeing the greatest things that can come out of endings/end of chapters.

I've written before about my life in chapters, and I still feel the same.

Little chapters that eventually all stand together to make one full life, the book of life. The book called Stef Bricklebank.

I like endings to be neat and tidy and struggle when it doesn't happen this way. Of course not all ending of our chapters are neat and tidy. In fact some are a total shitstorm of a mess and it takes time to rebuild and put all those pieces back together, to reflect and move through the shit to create your own endingto that chapter.

And these are the hardest to overcome and hardest to come to terms with. And these endings need time, need to be nurtured, need to be looked after, need to be softened back in to the shape you want it to be.

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