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Thankful for the work.

Love Cheese - I am thankful

Thankful for the work. Thankful for Harry. He is a wonderful human and friend.

Thankful to get out the house and have a different sense of scenery - not just one house!

Love Cheese - says what it does on the tin.. You gotta love cheese to go there.

I am thankful to be appreciated, not bullied or disrespected. I am thankful for the customers and clientel - they are lovely. They don't tell you to fuck off or disrespect you.

Some are challenging but nothing like been a teacher or a youth worker.

I am thankful for the shop, the yard, the sun, the view of The Minster and Bar Walls.

I am thankful for the staff, they are lovely too.

I am thankful for the work and opportunity. I am good at the job and I enjoy it.

I am thankful to be seen and heard always.

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