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How you decide to react is YOUR CHOICE

How you react to any given situation is your CHOICE. That's your CONTROL. THAT'S YOURS, no one can take that away from you.

How you decide to React is YOUR CHOICE.

So choose wisely

So choose with kindness

So choose without fear

So choose without anger

So choose with LOVE

So choose with HOPE

No one can take away your thoughts, that will always be your freedom. That will always be yours.

Difficult situations cause pain and pain causes reactions that sometimes you regret! So choose wisely.

Choose your words with kindness

Choose your thoughts with love

Choose your next steps with caution

Choose your mind to think positive

Choose positive and hopeful thoughts

Choose your inner voice to be KIND.

Kind to you

Kind to the given situation

Kind to others


Your thoughts are YOUR CHOICE!

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