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Circular Grid


Today I posted an image on my social media. It's a circular grid showing the different emotional responses to COVID-19.


I've realised that in a crisis I move very quickly into what this grid calls 'growth zone' - helping others, working things out logically and quickly, seeing the good, can be empathis, use my talents quickly for myself and others.

Where's this skillset come from?

It's true I quickly go into a 'fix it' helping mode, without a thought process of how I get there.

The fear element will hit me later. The fear of the reality of what might be. People often just stay within the fear element and can never dream of making it to the growth zone (well without external help) but not me.

Does that mean I am good in a crisis? That my brain works quickly and effectively? Quickly for survival? Survival for others too?

Quickly and effectively!

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