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Do you need that?


Why? Why do we buy things? We've proven we don't need anything other than shelter, food, water, love and warmth.

We don't need the likes of Primark, the quick fashion that changes weekly, monthly.

We've proved we can live without the new nails, fake tans, hair appointments, fake lashes. We've proven we don't need the latest gadget or phone. And how have we proven this?

Because we have seen through Covid-19 that all we need is eachother.

We need hugs, love, a listening ear, we need music, dancing, laughter and cheer. We need eachother.

Don't go back to consumerism.

Don't go back to wanting the wrong things.

Don't go back to items that don't bring you happiness.

Remember today.

Remember what is important.

Remember today.

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