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Lets live each day as it comes.... WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!

You know I went away with my wonderful uni friends this weekend.

And it was delightful for many many reasons. But one of the biggest reasons was because I didn't hardly look at social media, the news online or TV. And it felt so much better.

I'd had a proper weekend away from the Coronavirus epidemic. We didn't really know what was going on by Sunday.

"Stop watching the news as the news is trying to frighten you"


Lets live each day as it comes ..... we are in this together!

Over 70's have been told or tis suggested to stay in for 12 weeks. What a load of shit. 12 weeks. You'll die of depression before Coronavirus.

What about fresh air? Surely that's better for you then cooped up in a stuffy house with no visitors or human connection.

Human connection, fresh air, drinking water, eating clean, staying positive and working together.

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