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It starts in the mind and then in nose.

A sensation like no other – not quite an itch, not quite the beginning of a sneeze, it’s almost uncomfortable but not quite.

You want to squeeze your nostrils, as your nose is dry but theres no pain AND no gain. You want to clean your nose, but theres nothing to clean! You want to try and breath differently, to stop you breathing through your nose, but that doesn’t work either!

What is this sensation? It’s just weird!

My throat is tight, not painful. A bit like a panic attack feels – feels swollen, but theres no pain! I look inside, I see nothing. I keep hydrated and it passes and then returns – the feeling of tightness, a panic, it comes with a negative thought and so I mix the two together. Tightness and negative thought, equal = psychosomatic!

You sit differently, hold your head differently, lay differently to stop the strange feeling in your throat and to try to eradicate the negative nasty thoughts that the world/government/media has put inside our minds – FEAR! A nasty fear of an invisible virus that we can’t see or have any control over.

In March 2020 we were told to go home and hide, in fear of killing our parents or grandparents. In fear of a virus, we couldn’t see or feel, an invisible virus that stopped the world in its tracks. Stopped the world – asked to believe our government, that they would tell us the answers and we would need to listen and obey!

But we are still here in January 2022 with the same FEAR. The body is not made for such fear, it’s not made to be under so much emotional strain. It’s bad for the body and the mind – living in constant fear weakens the immune system, which in turn will enable a virus to enter your system and make you ill.

Is it the media’s fault, or the government’s fault or our fault, to believe the fear, to digest and live the fear? How do you eradicate the fear?

How do you eradicate the tightened throat and strange feeling in your nose? How do you stop those negative thoughts swimming around your head?

Some will jump and take the jab at the first given opportunity and that will eradicate their fear, others won’t have the jab and that will stop the fear also. Others will pretend nothing is happening and carry on, whilst some will fight the system, blame the government, and channel their fear that way. The latter have a further fear on top of the virus, that what is happening in the world is wrong, which has created additional fear! Fear on top of FEAR.

Others will do yoga and read a mindfulness book, whilst most will drink a bottle or two dry!

Which one are you?

There’s no right or wrong way, you mustn’t judge another’s choice. We have never done this before! We all live with this fear and are making the decisions we think are right to us. Right for our minds and souls, to create internal peace. It’s not a constant – us against them, we are right, and they are wrong. No-one is right and no-one is wrong!

It’s all a fucking experiment!

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