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Day Eleven 'No sugar February'

May today bring POSITIVITY and new beginnings.

Weetabix (x2) warm milk, banana and honey. A breakfast for a queen. Why have I never thought of this breakfast before? It’s a lovely and really filling. Don’t need anything else until lunch. I went to bed last night and wanted a slice of toast before I slept. But I didn’t, I just went to bed instead and it didn’t do me any harm.

I didn’t sleep great, had to get up for a wee and it was freezing out of bed. Ian snores like a trouper, which is incredibly annoying. Ian also gets up before me and then I fall back to sleep. I should get up really with him – start my day because as Mel Robbins says, ‘snooze you lose’ Do you really lose? Or just feel shit all day? Tired! Shit! Wishing you hadn’t snoozed on and off for an hour. But sometimes you have the best dreams ever in the snoozing period!

May today bring POSITIVITY and new beginnings. May a new door open today and bring me hope that a new start will happen within my work life.

PMA Positive Mental Attitude

I AM thankful for ALL that I have.

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