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Day Nineteen 'No sugar February'

God, I have a sugar addiction, and this was proof today.

I’m writing this Mind Explosion sat in bed, not before I leave the house, as I normally do. Today I laid in bed with my thoughts before I got up this morning and this made me not have enough time to Mind Explosion.

Today on the way home I sat next to a woman for part of my train journey. Throughout the journey she reached down in to her bag, which was on the floor and took out an individual gummy sweet. When she finished one, she replenished her mouth with another until the journey ended.

I watched out the corner of my eye. I nearly told her on several occasions that “I’ve given up sugar for February” “Those sweets look great” “Oh that would have been me - eating a full packet of sweets on the way home.” But I stopped my talking inner conscious to not talk out loud. In fear of 1. Looking crazy 2. Making her feel guilty for eating them, they might be her only pleasure today.

God, I have a sugar addiction and this was proof today. I’ve struggled over the weekend and this week BUT power to me, I haven’t given in! 💥

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