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Day Seventeen 'No sugar February'

Today’s Mind Explosion is brought to you by ….

Today’s Mind Explosion is brought to you by …. I don’t know what to write about today! My mind is blank. It’s half term here in York, so no shouting up the stairs or rushing around to shimmy the kids out of the house, which was lush. Ian got up as normal, even left earlier, I think. So, at 9.32am all is quiet in the house. I have had a cuppa, watched TV (all about Caroline Flack) and I’m waiting for Hunter, my niece to be dropped off by my brother. Get to spend the day with a small human. Looking forward to it. It’s physically hard work but so enjoyable. Soon I’ll have a grandchild, Frankie and Jordan are expecting – don’t know dates yet. Feel excited for them but I don’t know how I feel. A grandparent at 44 years old. Guess it was to be expected – my husband is 10 years older than me of course. But a grandma, insert OMG emoji, well I’m going to be called Oma – keep a bit of German going on … don’t want to lose my roots or my family lose them. Oma xx

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