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Day Twenty-nine 'No sugar February'

I am proud of myself – no sugar for 29 days

So, the year I decide to do the No Sugar February challenge it’s a leap year. So, TODAY is my final day.

We went to a friend’s last night for food and a catch up. It was lovely. For pudding they brought out a Millionaires Cheesecake with cream. From Marks and Spencer’s ‘not just any millionaires cheesecake…’ But of course, I didn’t have any. My husband said – just stop tonight, you’ve done 28 days. But how could I give in with two days to go! Or one evening and a full day that would be ludicrous. So, I watched them eat the pudding with cream and I had a decaffeinated coffee instead. And it didn’t harm me/scar me and you know what it was really ok to be honest.

It was a lovely evening – human connection again. I need it, especially now I work freelance. My whole working life I’ve always been part of busy working teams and now I’m solo and it can be very lonely sometimes.

I am proud of myself – no sugar for 29 days, well when I go to bed.

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