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Day Twenty-two 'No sugar February'

We’ve lost the art of having purpose.

It’s 7.53PM and I write my Mind Explosion. The log burner is on, The Smiths on the newly acquired tape deck, cat in front of the log burner, acting like a dog haha! We want a dog.

What have we lost? We’ve lost the art of having purpose. Just building a fire gives us a purpose. Collecting the wood, chopping the wood, cleaning the fire, building the fire, watching the fire grow into a fierce inferno to give warmth to us all. What a beautiful heat we receive of the fire. We’ve lost the purpose – just floating around in this world – with everything done for us. Everything made, ready to go, Heating, food, clothes – everything.

There’s positives and negatives to the world we live in. BUT we must know our purpose.

Why are we here? Why?

Don’t let the world of human connection be made for us – we MUST make that for ourselves, to know our purpose.

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