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I can see it in his eyes.

My son is depressed, I can see it in his eyes, feel it in his body language.

He longs to go out and play football. He longs to have that physical human connection with his pals.

He longs for the laughs and cheekiness at school.

He longs for the normality and structure.

He's stuck in a cycle of going to bed late and getting up late. He's fallen behing on reality. He's lost the realisty of the normal day.

My son he needs the human contact and connection. The 'argy bargy' on the football pitch, in the school field, the physical contact with a peer.

He hugs all the girls at school. And now he's all alone in his room - playing the XBox cos thats the only reality he knows. It's keeping him connected to who he knows and what he knows. Keeping him connected to a small part of the life he had before Covid-19!

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