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Fawlty Towers


They've taken down the Fawlty Towers episode 'The Germans' as its now seen as racist! **

The riots, the marches are changing history not erasing history. People are pulling down statues and defacing them. Although some people need a little education on the statues as one or two have been defaced which shouldn't but this part of it all.

**John Cleese's character did in that episode is what the kids, my peers did to me. I remember waiting for drama and the majority of the class went round me in a circle and did the Heil Hitler salute and walk round me. Strength has come from places like that. To return to school the next day is tsrength. And strength when they do it again and again.

Germany - are there riots there? Or far-right clashes? I must do some research. Germany has had to do a lot of healing from what Hitler did and its people. They've had to come back from that. Knowing the devastation he caused. It's not greatly talked about with me, I need to asked my family more questions. But I know there are strict rules in place now with what is discussed and how.

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