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To be loved and to love in return.

What makes a friendship?

What makes a lasting healthy positive friendship?

For me its got to be honesty, openess, forgiveness and vulnerability.

To be vulnerable with people who you love is the biggest form of trust. To trust that they won't judge you for the words that just come out of your mouth.

The spoken, unspoken thoughts that go on inyour brain. To be able to say them out loud - is true honest love.

To support and be supportive is another form of the best sort of love and friendship.

For people to feel comfortable to challenge my words and behaviour - to make me question myself and my doings - is a wonderful sign of true honest friendship.

To be loved and to love in return.

To support and be supportive.

To be open, honest and vulnerable.

To encourage my behaviour and words be challenged when needed.

To enable self reflection.

I've worked hard in creating and maintaining my relationships.

I'm proud of that.

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