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Hottest Day Today!

But the Coronavirus hasn't gone away.

Hottest Day Today!

Hottest day of the year!

It's hot outside but the coronavirus hasn't gone away. It's still here. People are still sick. People are still dying. Some are living in isolation from others, so they won't catch the virus.

NHS workers are still working but now working in full PPE in terribly hot wards unstead.

Lorry drivers are still driving their deliveries. The shop workers are still filling their shelves and serving you!

It's hot outside but the coronavirus hasn't gone away. How many people are thinking of the virus? Or just driving to the sea? How many are thinking of the situation?

Perhaps the weather has given a light release to those who are involved in the virus everyday. It's given them the lift they need to feel like a strange kind of normal.

Perhaps a celebration is happening today and the sun has made it all the very better. Made the celebration the BEST!

Whatever the day is, the virus hasn't gone away!

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