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Inner Strength

How do you find inner strength

Inner strength, where does it come from?

How do you find it?

How can others find it?

I find inner strength through creating calm, either within myself or my surroundings.

I do things for others and that gives me inner strength. I find peace in doing things for others. I find peace in them recieving something nice and pleasant from me.

I pray in bed, who to? God? Is it god? Who knows. But I ask for peace of heart and mind. I ask for a quiet mind and a thankful heart. I ask to be heard and understood. I ask to have peace in my thoughts and believe that everything will be okay.

I ask for forgiveness of self and others.

I visualise a better time, a better place. I visualise conversations that I need to have with others, to create peace. I visualise endings to situations that need endings to create peace.

I believe in the good and positive endings and visualise this.

I guess thats how I create my inner strength.

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