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I don't want to to lose a loved one to Covid-19.

We wait for Thursday for the PM to tell us what has been decided. What will happen?

Who knows but lets just all be mindful of the 27,000 people have lost their lives to Covid-19 (and they are the recorded numbers, or the numbers we are allowed to know).

27,000 families in the UK alone who have lost a loved one.

It brings it home to you when your husbands team lose 2 ambulance drivers to Covid-19 this week. How do you come back from that, as a team? How do you build moral and team spirit?

So, lets just remember the reality of life and what is happening out there. Not in our small bubble of life but in the wider world.

We need to have some form of this 'new' world we going in to but not at the expense of lives.

I don't want to lose a loved one to Covid-19.

I don't want to do a funeral of a loved one.

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