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I love a list!

Monday! Got it comes around quick!

What will this week bring, all good things I hope.

I've made a list of what I need to complete today - its a realistic list. Not an unachievable one! I slept okay, so that's a bonus. The sun is shining and there's blue skies - which makes the world a positive place.

I love a list! It helps me keep on track, gives me a purpose and makes me feel I've accomplolished something. Perhaps it goes back to my depressive episodes - who knows but it helps me to live a more psoitive life.

May this week bring a positive and job opportunity for Ian. He needs a positive week too. He needs to be seen and heard and appreciated in the world of work! He needs to be told he's good at what he does - we all do!

Those 'post-it' notes tell me. The chats and feedback after a workshop tell me. I get instant gratification. I like that!

Universe - please give ua a positive and fulfilling week x

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