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Mother's Day

Stay strong Stay positive

Mother's Day, UK.

What a day? Crazy, weird world we living in at the moment.

We, me Iand and the kids drove to Bishopthorpe. We had presents and a card for Ian's mum.

We all stood in the garden, with the designated distance, suggested by the government. We weren't really good at it. Malcolm moved towards us as soon as he spoke, we all moved back and so it began a strange coronavirus distancing dance.

It made us laugh and us cry real tears, tears of sadness.

Tears of not been able to hug them on Mother's Day. Tears of not been able to sit togther as a family, hold hands.

Tears because we were uncertain of what to do, how to behave, it wasn't natural, it wasn't loving and kind. It felt wrong and created fear amongst us.

But we cried, talked about it and felt better. We supported each other and know we all in this togther.

It's going to be OKAY

Stay strong Stay positive

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