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My life in chapters!

is a chapter and will come to an end!

My life in chapters!

What did Shakespeare say “All the worlds a stage, and all the men and women merely players”

I think of the world, my life in chapters of books! Or scenes of a play! Some scenes or chapters are AMAZING, exciting in fact and some are SHIT, pure shit! But one thing is for sure they always have a beginning, middle and end! End - that’s the important bit to a crappy chapter or scene - and the end will come, it always will. It can’t be called ‘My life in Chapters’ if the chapters don’t come to an end!

In 1999/2000 I lived in a shared house, there was one particular tenant who was rather an odd character, not dangerous, just did weird stuff.

But I’ll never forget the day he left, the owner of the house said “well that’s that chapter over and done with then” and that sentence and metaphor of life has stuck to me ever since, stuck to me like glue. That sentence raises it head, when I need it and again today to remind me that THIS ‘chapter’ that we living today, is a chapter and will come to an end!


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