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New week

new Monday, fresh start, new beginning

New week, new Monday, fresh start, new beginning.

That's it no lying in bed feeling sorry for myself - get up and feel the benefit.

Get up and choose to live.

Choose to be POSITIVE and want a good life.

I'm not living the life I want to, at the moment but no one is.

But we still have our freedom - freedom of thought, freedom of choice.

Goals - what am I going to set?

Less food

More movement

More positive thoughts

Make contact with my mother

Finish the audible book

Finish booklet for confidence work

Feed my plants more haha!

Walk with harry

Write more of my book

Bake a choclate cake

Send a card to Shelly

Pay Amanda

Buy Stamps for Germany

Remember I'm where I should be

Make contact with Jo/House

My week is filled x

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