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Our Anniversary

A reflection of a great day, a bloody good party.

The sun is shining. Shining down on us all, giving us the emotional lift that we need. Giving us the hope that we need to survive this lockdown.

Today is our anniversary of marriage. 17 years together as man and wife. Time gone by I might not have invited the world to know (i.e put it on social media). But today I did. And I'm glad I did. I've had several friends thank me for posting the pictures. "you've made my day" "thank you" I've brought a little joy to some today through a throw back in time reflection.

A reflection of a great day, a bloody good party. A celebration of two people deciding "come on lets do this, let's see if we can actually do this!" "Pull this off - not give up when the going gets tough!" Having those conversations of truth that no-one wants to do! No-one wants to hear the gods honest truth - truth of self, what another see's - but that is marriage - horrible conversations, adult conversations! Conversations of truth. Truth. And been willing to act upon that truth. Truth of pain, joy, happiness, greatness and hearing when you are 'out of line' 'did the wrong thing' You willing to hear it? Do you respect your partner enough to hear the truth? Cos if you are not, then step aside - as it aint for you!

Marriage it aint easy and if it is easy someone is shutting the fuck up! And that aint me. I must and need to be heard and seen. I spent 19 years of my life not been seen or heard and I will not do it as an adult, when I have a choice.

A choice to be loved the right way. A choice to be loved by those I respect. A choice to be loved in my decided way.

Marriage it aint for the faint hearted. But it's a beautiful thing. It fills a beautiful dance within you. A dance of hope and love. A dance of existence and beauty.

I choose to dance. I choose to dance with you x

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