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Pain in my throat

Thank you tears.

For the last few days, I've had pain in my throast/neck.

Not a sore throat but pain. I can only describe it as if I had lumps in my esophagus

I did feel rather anxious about it.

I do have a very thin esophagus, as I was once told by the ENT doctor but that is due to a childhood condition. If I don't chew my food extremely well I can totally feel the food going down and sometimes it will get stuck.

Over the past few days its sometimes felt difficult to swallow too. I have been worried.

Last night something happened, I had a bloody good cry - unrelated to the above and today as I wake I feel so much better. My throat feels less constricted and painful.

Did I just need a really good cry, did I really just have a 'lump in my throat' as they say, because I needed a bloody good cry?

Have I been anxious/worried about something and carried the pain literally in my throat? How wonderful a good cry makes and feels - its literally made me feel more relaxed and peaceful.

Thank you tears.

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