Perfect Joy.

Today a two year old gave me some joy back, delightful joy.

Today I looked after my two year old niece and what a delight.

10am to 5pm, absolute day of fast paced joy. No stopping to ponder over thoughts or feelings - just a constant minute by minute, hour by hour barrage of trying to entertain and love a two year old.

Perfect joy. The innocence of life, walking through the Minster gardens she stops to chatter to people, unaware of Covid-19 and distancing rules, chatter, chatter, chatter. Some words you can make out and others a delightful array of a two year olds made up language, just beautiful.

Today a two year old gave me some joy back, delightful joy.

And tonight we drove to Flamborough Head and the wind whistled through my hair and filled my lungs with the sea salted air and it felt good. I am alive. And I choose to be alive with those that I love and who love me.

I choose to embrace this world and allow the pain to pass through me but it will not define me.

My lungs are full and my heart too - full of sea salty air and the love that is given to me.

#love #sea #air #twoyearold #family #niece

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