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Physical Contact

Do we even need a Bank Holiday?

Good Friday? Good? A Bank Holiday? What does that even mean in 2020? Do we even need a Bank Holiday? No. We need life to get back to normal. Where we can drive to our families and friends houses, they open the door without caution and embrace the fuck out of you! Hug us so hard it hurts 💙 Sit close with them on the sofa so our bodies are touching. Touching in a I love you way not a sexual way. I wonder how the ‘non-huggers’ and ‘non-contact’ people feel right now? I wonder if they wish they could now they aren’t allowed to? Bit like those experiments you see on kids - when they can’t eat the marshmallow. I’ve always been a hugger, a person who needs physical contact from my favourites in this world. Well to be fair I’d hug someone after meeting them once haha! This social distancing or physical distancing must divide the nation of huggers and non huggers. I personally can’t friggin wait to HUG everyone 💕 ———————————————— #humanconnection #hug #hugsandkisses #love #saturdayvibes #embrace #cantwait #fuckcorona #convid19 #lockdown #saturday #contact #stefbricklebank #hugs #staystrong #staypositive #stayconnected #stayhome #staysafe #love #peace #mindfulness

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