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I'm proud of the friends I have.

I wake up in calm, so quiet. I slept in a double bed with Charlotte. I slept well but did have a 'coronavirus' nightmare, which was scary.

I also got up to have a wee.

I feel so at ease with these women, there's no hierachy, no judgement, no stres, no bitchyness, no power games, no scarcasm that be slight bullying and no showing off.

There is only: love, encouragement, advice, a listening ear, trust, calm, patience, a good laugh, supposrt and a massive amount of love.

LOVE conquers all, as they say.

I'm proud of the friends I have. I'm proud of who they are as people; honest, kind, giving/generous with their love, time and energy. Open, funny and thoughtful.

I'm proud of me too for making every effort to maintain these female relationships.

And you know why I have - cos I've wanted to, needed to and love my female friends and company. I want to feel what I feel when I'm with them.

I'm alive and thankful always.

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