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Subconscious Mind

How powerful you are!

Subconscious Mind

Why do I do this? Right, brain don't talk about: suicide, death and loss!

Ok, ok I won't!!

Yes of course you will! The subconscious part of my brain creates sentences I wouldn't even normally say in real life!

"This is gonna blow you brains out!"

"God, I want to kill myself the amount of work I have to do!"

What? I mean really? Why? How? Where did these sentences come from? I don't even normally say such things. What is wrong with me? How can the subconscious be so powerful and strong that it makes you say sentences you know you shouldn't!

It's so much more than a 'faux pas/fopaux' Blimey! I'm terrible.

Subconscious Mind

How powerful you are!

How sneaky and devious you are.

Creating up on my conscious like that, making me say sentences I know I shouldn't say! Fuck I'm the knobhead - knobhead sticker to me!! haha!

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