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Time will tell.

If there is a god, do you think he's given us the sunshine to survive this? Sunshine to make the world feel lighter and a better place. To bring and signal hope.

The weather is astonishing at the time of year. Up to 24 celcious today. We are in April, not July.

There's photos on the social media pages showing L.A now and L.A months ago or last year and the 'smog' has lifted due to the lockdown. Is it true? We will never know. We can't believe what is put on the internet, as who has got the proof.

I researched York and the conjestions and air pollution was in the 'low' category. It hasn't been there, for sometime. No cars in the city or a bare minimal.

Perhaps the world is healing itself as we are at a standstill? Who knows, time will tell. Time will show the difference of no travel. no cars and pumping chemicals and factories churning out the dirt.

Time will tell.

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