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The need to feel calm

Tranquillity from the chaos we are living in.

The need to feel calm, amongst the chaos.

How will i find it? A walk in nature, tranquil existence amongst nature.

A walk through a wood to feel woodland under my foot. To feel the difference in temperature as I walk between the tree's and the paths.

Nature, I thank you. I thank you for your beauty, for your colours, for your tranquillity. Thank you.

To feel at one

To say hello to the trees

To say I am thankful

The beauty, the contrast in shades, in colour, in the plants and the trees.

"Wow" look how tall you are. Look how amazing you stand, tall and strong. Creating shelter from the sun, giving places of safety to the wildlife. Giving us a clean and safe place to live and breathe.

Tranquillity from the chaos that we are living in.

The need to feel calm, where shall I seek it? Where shall I find it? It's not far from here. Tranquillity isn't far way. You can find it. Stop, Look and you will find it everywhere.

Stop, Look it's here, all around you.

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