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Let the arts connect you

How much longer do we have to wait?

How much more can we take?

How much money does the ARTS industry bring in to this country?

We are known for our artists: actors, musicians, music festivals, directors, costume designers, fashion designers, artists, sound engineers, set designers, make up artists, creators adn the list goes on.... The UK is known for the ARTS.

You can go on a packed plane but you can't sit in a theatre? A cinema?

It must change.

It's got to change.

We must return.

The actors, musicians, artists and creators have still been creating during lockdown. Creating behind locked doors, opening their rooms up on social media and the internet. Trying to entertain us in a way they only know how: connection, connection of souls of people.

Let the Arts connect you

Let the Arts reach out to you

Let the Arts hold you when you are lost

Let the Arts carry you when you are in pain

Let the Arts uplift your spirit

Let the Arts capture your soul and let you dance, as if you have never danced before

Let the Arts give you everything you need.

I thank you x

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