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Freedom and choice - wedon't have that anymore.

I'm tired

I slept on the sofa last night (well from 2am) as my husbands snoring was horrendous. Awful. I consequently woke not in a great place in my head.

I'm tired.

I'm tired of this lockdown life, we are going in to the fifth week now.

I want to go back to the life I had; meeting friends for coffee, giving people hugs when I see them. Going to networking events, going on a train to Leeds, making plans, making holiday plans, been free to do what we want.

Freedom and choice - we don't have that anymore. It's been taken away from us all. And by whom? We will never know the truth. There are so many conspiracy theories out there - virus man made, China caused a war and din't even push a button etc etc

Well who or whatever caused this, is the effect was to shut down everyone and thing down, it bloody worked!

It's stopped us all in our tracks and now we wait. Wait till this is all over.

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