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VE Day

"Two World Wars and One World Cup"

VE Day! I struggle

"Two World Wars and one World Cup" was chanted at me everyday throughout myschool childhood years.

English flags out of windows! I struggle

Patriotic symbolism of this country. Today we have little to be proud of.

This country is a mess;

2nd highest rate in the world for deathsfrom Covid-19

Not enough PPE

Frontline staff dying trying to save its people.

People not observing the lockdown putting people and frontline at risk.

A country and its leaders in a mess with zero leadership from the top. Just a chaotic scene of unprepared and unplanned chaos.

A chaotic leader = a chaotic team

But then on the flipside

Communities coming together to celebrate VE day. Communities celebrating, eating, singing together in the correct social distancing format. In a very 'British' format - not breaking the rules. Not crossing the threshold of a neighbours domain.

VE Day! 75 Years. I live in a constant feeling of pride and yet I struggle.

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