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We are OPEN

Is it a trick?







They are open, money is been put back in to the economy. People spending, hundreds on new hair do's! Hundreds and thousands on booze and food.

I don't wish to go, not yet.

I don't want to entertain, not yet.

You can go to the pub and not social distance but I can't go and eat at my parent in laws house? How the lines are blurred.

You can go on a plane but you cannot go to the theatre or cinema or conert hall?

The lines are blurred.

You can go to the pub? but kids can't go back to school?

You can get pissed in a watering holw but my daughter didn't sit her GCSE's?


Is it a trick? Is the nation been tricked?

Go put your money back in the economy, of course we need it!

Go put it back but when we go back in to lockdown - its your/our fault not the governments?

Is it a trick?

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