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We isolate now

so when we gather again no one is missing

We isolate now, so when we gather again no one is missing.

The day feels autumnal, jumpers and socks on!

How blessed we were to have such glorious hot weather yesterday for Ian's birthday.

I wanted today to feel like a 'traditional' Sunday: ironing, cleaningm cooking. A normal Sunday.

I cleaned the living room and hoovered the whole of downstairs.

Ian went to the supermarket, using the allocated time given to the NHS staff, despite having a very sore head - alcohol and sun burn haha!

The only difference today: is no school uniforms and no large meal cooked. As I cooked (enough for two days) of lasagne yesterday. So it was left over day, food wise.

It felt like a 'normal' sunday and it felt good. It felt great in fact, getting ready for the week ahead.

I caught up on the phone with two lovely friends, that was wonderful. I've had a lovely bank holiday weekend. Lockdown B/H wknd.

Thank you x

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