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What’s your mission in life?

A mission is a lifelong endeavour, a journey

It has no ending; the ending is when you leave this earth

And then your mission continues in those left behind

Living and remembering your way of life, your chosen way

A goal can be reached, and a new one can be set!

Getting a new job, running a 10k

Completing your personal best at the gym

Getting that promotion at work

What’s your mission in life?

Know your own mission, understand your purpose

Why are you on this planet?

Know your mission, understand yourself!

Everyday choices, big life changes

Which path to take, is all about your mission

Knowing your mission, will guide you to make the right choices

The right decisions, for you and those around you.

So, what’s your mission in life?

Where do you even begin? How do you start?

Get pen to paper and begin:

· Values – what are yours?

· What are the most meaningful parts of your life?

· What brings you joy? People and places!

· Look at your personality – what are your unique strengths?

· What are your principles?

Can you write a statement that incorporates the above?

Mine: For every person I meet I want my honesty, creativity and positivity to have an impact on their lives. I will endeavour to always listen and help people be heard. Through humour and compassion I aim to thrive, not just survive.

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