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Year 11

It's not fair.

Tomorrow my beautiful, clever, funny, singer-songwriter daughter will finish Year 11.

It wasn't supposed to be this way. Coronavirus has brought on a blunt and severed end to twelve years of education.

12 years with some of the same wonderful friends. 12 years ending on an unplanned and unprepared ending.

An ending full of confusion, bewilderment, anger and sadness.

A sadness that they couldn't show the world what they are made of with their GCSE results. A sadness of losing the right to their chosen ending. A sadness of not been in control of their own lives and destiny. And of course not having prom.

I feel pain for them. How can this happen? It's not fair and there aren't words to make this better for them.

I hold my daughter close and let her know I feel and also carry her pain. It's not fair. —————————————

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