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Young People

They doing so well.

The young people and children - well done to them! I mean who wants to be locked down with their parents at age 13 & 15! I know I certainly wouldn't at that age.

At least the electronic world means that can video call and see their friends face and expressions.

But my goodness they should be praised for what they just 'getting on' with. Just doing as they are told. Doing what the government asked - its like Boris Johnson has grounded them - sent them to their bedrooms - you will be punished!

But they've done nothing to be punished for. Nothing. Well maybe a bit of not washing their hands! Come on kids admit it! haha! Who didn't wash your hands after having a wee? haha

They doing so well, perhaps they've been preparing for the epidemic/pandemic for some time - hibernating in their rooms, stuck to their devices. Communicating only using electronic devices.

Maybe its us the adults who need the praise!

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