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No GCSE's or A 'Levels

You can make your mark on the world in another way.

Today my daughter, like so many others in the UK, should have sat her final GCSE exam!

But as we all know a fortnight before the Easter break schools were closed down because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Pupils have started going back in primary schools and Year 10 secondary but still no GCSE’s or A 'Levels.

Predicted grades is where it’s at, mock exam results and performance within and at school.

These calculated grades will be given and we shall see how this decision pans out. Will they be happy? Will they appeal?

Does a whole academic year group not completing their GCSE’s make a mockery out of the whole situation? Showing a disjointed and out of touch system? A school system that needs to be brought in to 2020 where creativity and entrepreneurialism is encouraged. Where racism is spoken about and tackled there and then? Where students tackle current issues, debate how to move forward and have a place where they are heard and listened to.

For those like my daughter - what will make a confident young person go forward in life with a sense of pride and belief that they are worthy and matter in this world?

It’s easy to say:

‘It wasn’t your fault’

‘This will go down in history’

‘2020 the year group that didn’t do their GCSE’s!’

Well hear this from me:

You all do matter.

You can make your mark on the world in another way.

You can be so proud of yourselves for the positivity and true resilience that you have shown throughout all of this.

You can be proud in how you have supported each other through this pandemic and loss of education.

You can carry forward the lessons you’ve learnt and use them for the rest of your life.

Be proud

Stay Strong

Stay Positive

Stay Resilient

Always xx


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